The Story Behind Iza and Miguel, Co-Founders of

I am Iza

I am originally from the Basque Country (Spain) where I graduated in Law. I continued the Law and Business path around the world: Belgium, Mexico and Ireland. Now, you might be wondering.. “Did I get this wrong?. I thought I was going to learn how to train my puppy..!?”

Don’t worry, you are in the right place! While working as a business consultant, I volunteered in animal rescue shelters, witnessing all the behavioural problems that owners were struggling with. Owners were not taught adequately how to interact with their dogs, they would not understand each other, very often ending up with the dog surrendered to the animal shelter or even worse PTS.

It broke my heart, I had to do something, I was determined to make helping dogs my purpose in life. My passion was just about to become my brand new profession!. But first I had to acquire the off I went!

In 2007 I graduated as a Dog Trainer in Bocalan Madrid and in 2011 I was awarded my Postgraduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling by the University of Southampton, in the UK.

Learning is happening non stop. In dog training, as in most things in life, you need to keep yourself updated by attending Seminars and Workshops and being engaged with the main professional organizations in the field (which I am of course): Pet Professional Guild (membership number 12621720 since 2014), APBC in the UK(provisional member since 2011) and APDT Ireland (membership number 016 since 2012).

Armed with a science based force-free knowledge, I have been training dogs, or more specifically training people to train their dogs as well as modifying their dogs' inappropriate behaviours for the last 12 years, I have mostly done so on a One to One basis. I have run Puppy Socialisation and Training classes as well as Training Classes for adult dogs and have presented many Seminars about diverse Dog Topics.

I am Miguel

Born in Mexico City, where I have lived and worked most of my early life. I’ve always been intrigued by the strategies and tactics used by companies and brands to engage and build a deep connection with their customers and users. The psychology behind these interactions is simply fascinating! This curiosity is what got me into marketing, as I wanted to learn all the ins and outs of this mysterious world. Fresh out of University, I joined Nielsen and developed my early professional experience in the market research industry. Here is where I built multiple foundational skills, mostly in sales and business strategy.

After 5 years at Nielsen, and now having met my wife Iza, we decided to try our luck in Europe and moved to Madrid where I went back to school to complete an MBA. This shift was also an opportunity to steer course and get into the tech industry, as it was now becoming quite evident that if you wanted to have an impact at a massive scale, here is where you had to be. A once in a lifetime opportunity came up and we packed our stuff and moved to Dublin (Ireland) where I joined Google. At Google I learned everything there is to learn about online marketing and advertising in the early years, and then Software-as-a-Service sales when I moved to the Cloud business. Here I also got my first shot at people management and leadership. They were 7 very fulfilling years until I was presented with an opportunity to help form a new team and develop a new business at LinkedIn. At LinkedIn I helped build the sales development function for a nascent revenue stream, when LinkedIn launched Sales Navigator and stepped into the world of digital sales.

Four years later, having now scaled a small team of six into a fully fledged organisation of more than twenty, the itch of entrepreneurship stung hard and along with Iza we took the plunge and followed our shared passion for animal welfare and entrepreneurship joining forces to create Our goal is to build an online learning platform that scales globally, allowing us to efficiently reach as many people as possible, to help dogs and their human companions have a more joyful and fulfilling relationship based on mutual understanding, right from the early critical weeks of life as a puppy.

At I mostly look after marketing and sales, and the overall long-term business strategy of our company.