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4 Easy ways to make your dog walks more enjoyable and fun!

Introduction Do you consider walking your dog a tedious chore? Are you tired of not being able to walk rhythmically and suddenly stopping “out of the blue” having your arm almost pulled out? It shouldn’t be that way, as long as you try to see… Read more


“Do not show fear to a strange dog!” Yeah, well, can anybody tell me HOW do you do that? Even people like myself who are well versed in dog body language have felt fear of dogs. More than a decade ago I used to volunteer in a Dog Training fac… Read more

Puppy Vaccination: Do you know the facts?

Have you ever wondered why dogs need to be vaccinated on an annual basis? Human vaccinations (most of them, anyway) are administered once in a lifetime, yet our dogs are given the so called “core” vaccinations year after year, after year! Mmm… Read more

Does size matter? Apartment living with dogs

Is it ok to have a dog in an apartment? It is very common to think that if you live in an apartment you simply can’t have a dog because “it’s not fair for your dog since you are not providing her with enough space to roam and be a dog”. Livin… Read more

Top 10 Training Tips that will make your life easier

Some puppy classes or private training lessons start straight away teaching your puppy how to “SIT”!… But, Hold ON! What about FIRST educating YOURSELF to understand your puppy’s emotions by interpreting your puppy’s body language?, understan… Read more

Adopting or buying a dog? 5 KEY POINTS to consider

This is not an easy question to answer. Some people consider that buying a dog from a (reputable) breeder is safer because you get to know exactly what to expect, while adopting a dog from a rescue shelter has a larger potential for health an… Read more

Getting a puppy? Answer these 4 questions BEFORE you do!

Sharing your life with a puppy can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but it is also one of the most demanding. Before you get a puppy, think first! Is there really time for a dog in your life, your home, your lifestyle? Can yo… Read more

Full Disclosure: I am not here to train your dog!

Who am I and why am I here? I think we should start with a proper introduction, both as a person and a professional. My name is Izaskun Arrieta (Iza for short). My name might sound uncommon and unique, not that much in the Basque Country whic… Read more